A Workspace Transformed

When a credit counseling company needed to boost morale in their office, they reached out to Creative Juices to make it happen. We sat down with the company to determine their goals, presented a comprehensive design package, and began the complete transformation on Friday so it would be ready for work on Monday!

Completion of corporate office lobby redesign


Office walls prior to Creative Juices signage office makeover

Before Creative Juices entered, the office was drab and boring.


completion of wall for part of customer office design

We adjusted the cubicle layout to stimulate productivity and revamped the entire area with the addition of a painted wall and 3D airplanes.

Freshly painted wall graphics of customer logo in conference room

The front lobby was originally cold and dull, so we set out to make it more inviting.

Completion of corporate office lobby redesign

With the addition of brushed aluminum lobby signs, colorful walls, and a stylized element on the far right wall made from recycled wood, the space has new pop.

Picture of the old conference room prior to our office makeover

The client wanted the conference room to be more stimulating and energetic.

Freshly painted wall graphics of customer logo in conference room

Creative Juices added energy to the room and made it a bright think-tank rather than a monotonous meeting space.

A Complete 360º

Simple blueprint of customer offices prior to our corporate office design

Our modifications covered the break room, entire workspace, as well as the executive offices. By pre-fabricating many of the components in-house ahead of time, we were able to save significant time during installation and complete the bulk of the makeover in just one weekend!

Finishing Touches

Reclaimed wood was used as a stylistic element in the front lobby.

Milling wood prior to staining for customer lobby signs
Picture of finished office redesign San diego

We built and hung three-dimensional “paper” airplanes above the cubicles near the front, visible from the conference room door.

Our crew hanging folded metal airplanes from the ceiling in our customer office redesignoffice re

To match the credit consulting company’s logo, our artists hand-painted a series of colorful piggy banks to liven up the office!

Corporate office design element. Painted graphics to relate to customers corporate logo in apop art fashion

Creative Juices custom-made a fun neon sign for the break room, painted the wall sky blue, and installed an employee storage rack along the side.

Neon signs being made
A hanging neon sign San Diego

An office transformed in 72 hours!

Corporate office redisgn in the works.

We’re ready to help you revamp your space!

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